Repair Services for Hydroelectric Facilities

Technician using a test bench during a hydraulic cylinder repair

We repair the hydraulic and electronic components commonly found in hydroelectric and water treatment facilities. Through its partnership with SunSource, Sorensen Systems provides repair services to facilities throughout the country.

Hydraulic Repair


Sorensen Systems can repair and remanufacture all of your hydraulic cylinders. An in-house machining department cuts down the lead time of repairs significantly, and allows us to produce parts for your damaged cylinders. We have the capability to manufacture new rods, pistons, bushings, and tubes. Every cylinder we repair leaves our facilities operating like a brand new cylinder.

Our experienced technicians can repair cylinders up to 32 ft. in length and 36 in. diameter, up to 40,000 lbs. in weight. Whether it is repair work or manufacturing a new unit, fast turn around and quality work is our objective for all customers.

All incoming units are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, diagnosed, and repaired by skilled technicians, who average over 20 years of experience. A typical repair of a precision actuator includes such work as: grinding and chroming the rod, honing the tube, installing new seals, calibrating the LVDT and testing the actuator with its servo valves.

Electronic Repair


The Electronics Repair Department specializes in industrial drive components and their applications. We have the expertise and equipment to clean, check and dynamically test your component to replicate its malfunction, and the skilled technicians to fix it. Once the unit is approved for completion it is repaired and load tested on one of our custom built test stand to simulate your application under working conditions.


PLCs have become the nerve center of the modern hydropower facility, and it only takes one board failure to bring everything to a halt. Whether you have an I/O card, Processor or Power Supply, our standard 10-day service covers all major brands of PLCs including: Allen Bradley, GE, Modicon, Texas Instruments, Reliance, Mitsubishi, and Siemens.

All PLCs are closed loop, system tested on the matching rack to ensure a quality repair.

HMIs, Industrial PCs, and Touch Screens

The convenience of Human Machine Interface control panels has made them indispensable on the plant floor. Unfortunately, they are one of the most fragile components in your entire system. Sorensen Systems’ partner, SunSource, has a staff of trained technicians who will clean, static-check, and test your HMI to ensure the highest quality repair.

Power Supplies

A failure in a power supply can stop an entire line. We clean, static-check, and load test your power supply. Upon your approval repair time is usually 10 days or less and emergency service is always available.

Mechanical Repair

Gear Boxes

Rely on us  when it comes to remanufacturing gear boxes, and rotary drives. Our customers have come to expect the same level of quality and service that we have delivered throughout three decades of hydraulic and electronic component repair.