Electro-Hydraulic Solutions for Hydro O & M

Valve and Gate Actuation

We design, fabricate and install the valve and gate actuation operating systems that control the flow of water in waterways and dams.

Hydro Rehabilitation

Sorensen Systems has decades of experience providing cost-effective hydraulic and electro-mechanical solutions for modernizing micro and small hydro installations.

Energy Recovery

Sorensen Systems specializes in hydropower packages introduced into a water or wastewater system to recover and convert dissipated energy associated with Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) into power.

Hydraulic & Electronic Repair Services

Technician using a test bench during a hydraulic cylinder repair
Sorensen Systems provides repair and service of system components through its partnership with SunSource. Repair capabilities include: Hydraulic Repair: Cylinders/Actuators, Pumps, Motors, Valves Electronic Repair: Drives, PLCs, HMIs, Power Supplies, Resistors Mechanical Repair: Gear Boxes


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