Electro-Hydraulic O & M Solutions for the Hydropower, Water and Wastewater Industries

Valve and Gate Actuation & Controls

We design, fabricate and install the valve and gate actuation systems that control the flow of water in waterways and dams.

Hydro Rehabilitation

Sorensen Systems has decades of experience providing cost-effective hydraulic and electro-mechanical solutions for modernizing micro and small hydro installations.

Energy Recovery

Sorensen Systems specializes in hydropower packages introduced into a water or wastewater system to recover and convert dissipated energy associated with Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) into power.

Electro-Hydraulic Repair Services

Technician using a test bench during a hydraulic cylinder repair

Sorensen Systems provides industrial service and repair through its partnership with SunSource. Repair capabilities include:

Hydraulic Repair: Cylinders/Actuators

Electronic Repair: Drives, PLCs, HMIs, Power Supplies, Resistors

Mechanical Repair: Gear Boxes

About Sorensen Systems

Sorensen Systems was originally founded as the engineering and system design entity of The Hope Group following its acquisition of the Sorensen Governor brand in 1985. Today, the Sorensen Systems operates as an engineering and fabrication house specializing in motion-control systems for the hydropower generation, water and waste water industries. Its staff of design engineers, technicians and project managers operates from its 60,000 square foot office and manufacturing location in Northborough, Massachusetts.

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