Hydraulic Energy Recovery

Conduit Energy Recovery Projects

Conduit energy recovery is a solution to the growing demand for more energy. This demand for more electricity has contributed to the growth of innovative technology. This technology converts excess water pressure in municipal and other water systems into electricity. The electricity is produced as a by-product of its role of providing fresh water to the community.

Sorensen Systems has designed, built, and installed specialized turbines as replacements for pressure reducing valves in various water systems thus eliminating the dissipating of excess energy in favor of generating usable power in the form of electricity. Known as Conduit Energy Recovery, this process takes advantage of the pre-existing water pressure to convert the potential energy into kinetic energy.

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The conversion of waterpower to electricity is common. What’s new is retrofitting existing components with new systems. These systems use the water, headed for treatment facilities, to generate electricity. Common conversion sites are water treatment plants, reservoir pressure reducing sites, land irrigation sites, and specific industrial plants.

Sorensen Systems has been a leader in waterpower solutions for over 30 years. Listed below are some of the projects we have completed in this field.

Case Studies

Hydraulic power unit at Barkhamsted

Hydro turbine generator package for Barkhamsted Hydro Transmission Project

Conduit Energy Recovery Package in Granville Pipeline replacement

Conduit energy recovery in hydroturbine package for Granville Pipeline Replacement in Westfield, Mass.

Hydraulic power pack

Water-to-wire energy recovery project in Keene, New Hampshire