Turbine Water Control Systems

Turbine Water Control Systems

Turbine water control systems play a pivotal role in the efficient operation of hydropower turbines and generators. These systems are responsible for managing the flow and pressure of water, ensuring optimal performance and energy generation. They incorporate various components such as valves, actuators, sensors, and control panels to regulate water intake, outlet, and turbine speed. Turbine water control systems are designed to respond to changing conditions, such as variations in water flow or electrical demand, to maintain stability and maximize energy output. These systems are a critical aspect of sustainable and renewable energy generation, enabling the harnessing of water’s kinetic energy to produce clean electricity while offering control and safety features to safeguard the entire hydropower system.

Hydraulic Gate and Valve Actuation & Control Systems

Sorensen Systems is a single-source provider of the hydraulically operated gate and valve positioning systems operating locks and dams on America’s waterways. This important capability distinguishes us from other system manufacturers. For the past 50 years, we’ve developed and installed the hydraulic gate systems for large scale municipal and industrial water and waste-water authorities worldwide.

Core Capabilities

  • Low to high pressure electro-hydraulic conversion
  • Automated controls, protection and monitoring
  • Valve and gate actuation and control systems
  • Ball valve, butterfly valve and fixed cone operating assemblies and systems
  • Sluice gates, fabricated gates

Solutions We’ve Provided

  • Electric gate and valve positioners
  • Hydraulic gate and valve operating systems
  • Self-contained actuator systems
  • Explosion-proof actuator systems
  • Submersible actuator systems
  • AWWA butterfly, ball and cone valves – 12-inch to 140-inch

Case Studies

Gate and Valve Operating System for Thornton Dam Reservoir

Electrohydraulic gate control system at Thornton Quarry Reservoir Dam as part of the Chicago Deep Tunnel Project

Hydraulic operating systems for Tempe Town Reservoir Dam project

Hydraulic gate operating systems for Dam at Tempe Town Lake Reservoir

Valves and electrical controls for water pumping station in Jordan

Flow control valves and electrical controls in water pumping station in Amman, Jordan

Hydraulic power units and controls package for lock & dam control on the San Antonio Riverwalk

Electrohydraulic actuator and controls for gates in Combined Sewer Overflow project in Boston