Tempe Town Lake Dam Project

Actuator operating the dam at Tempe AZ Town Reservoir Project

Tempe Has One of the Largest Hinged Crest Gate Dams in US

Sorensen Systems and Steel Fab Inc., of Massachusetts teamed up to supply eight hydraulically operated steel crest gates for the Tempe Town Lake Dam Replacement in Arizona.

The Tempe Town Lake Dam is a vital infrastructure landmark. This dam serves as a key component of the Tempe Town Lake. Which is an artificial reservoir created by damming the Salt River.

Its primary purpose is to regulate the flow of water in the Salt River and maintain water levels in the lake. This provides both recreational opportunities and a reliable source of water for the surrounding area.  Constructed with a strong focus on engineering precision, the dam can withstand various hydraulic challenges. This ensures the safety and stability of the lake and the community it serves. This iconic structure has become a focal point of the city. It offers picturesque views and a range of activities for residents and visitors alike.

Steel Fab Inc. provided the gates, which each measured 106 feet long by 17 feet tall and weighed in at 260,000 pounds. Sorensen Systems developed and installed the hydraulic operating systems for the gates controlling the flow of water.

Hydraulic Operating Systems for Dam at Tempe Town Lake Reservoir

The hydraulic operating system for the dam’s steel crest gates consisted of hydraulic cylinders, one at each end of the gates, and hydraulic power units with an automated control system. Operators can control the gates locally at the dam. The City of Tempe’s SCADA system allows for remote operation as well.