Hydraulic Solutions and Projects

Sorensen Systems specializes in electro-hydraulic solutions for micro and small hydro installations as well as water and wastewater treatment packages.

Hydraulic power unit and generator at hydroelectric facility at MWRA facility on Loring Road
MWRA hydroelectric facility upgrade project

Micro & Small Hydro Rehabilitation

We develop hydraulic and electrical control systems for small and micro hydro rehabilitation projects. Our specialties are electro-hydraulic governors, gate-operating systems, and hydraulic lubrication and bearing cooling units.

Electro-hydraulic Gate Controls for Thornton Quarry Reservoir Dam
Hydraulically actuated gate control system skid for Chicago Deep Tunnel Project

Valve and Gate Actuation & Control

Sorensen Systems develops the hydraulic and electrical control systems for hydraulically actuated valves and gates found in waterways, tunnels and dams. We take pride in crafting systems that ensure the efficient and reliable operation of vital infrastructure. Our hydraulic solutions meet the most demanding of requirements.

Conduit Energy Recovery Package in Granville Pipeline replacement
An inline hydroturbine package where conduit energy recovery was employed

Conduit Energy Recovery

Conduit energy recovery is of paramount importance in the world of hydropower and renewable energy generation. This innovative technology allows us to harness and maximize the potential of flowing water within conduits and pipelines. By recapturing and converting excess energy that would otherwise go untapped. This process not only generates additional power but also reduces environmental impact by ensuring that the energy potential of water is fully realized. In an era where sustainable energy sources are critical, conduit energy recovery plays a pivotal role in meeting our energy needs while minimizing our carbon footprint.

Due to the importance of conduit energy recovery, it’s important to select a manufacture and design team that can deliver quality components. Sorensen Systems develops and install specialized turbines as replacements for pressure reducing valves, most often in an attempt to retrofit existing system components. It’s common to find conduit energy recovery used in hydro rehabilitation projects.