Small Hydro Refurbishment

Sorensen Systems specializes in developing electro-hydraulic systems for small and micro hydro refurbishment projects. We have decades of experience providing cost-effective solutions for hydroelectric modernization projects.

Refurbishments & New Installations

Its in-house staff of engineers and technicians have extensive experience with applications ranging from turbine speed control to water level management. System design, fabrication, installation, start-up and field maintenance are provided for:

  • Low to high pressure electro-hydraulic conversion
  • Automated controls, excitation, protection and monitoring
  • Valve and gate actuation and control systems
  • Ball valve, butterfly valve and fixed cone operating assemblies and systems

Solutions We’ve Provided

  • Repair and remanufacturing services for hydraulic and electronic components
  • Turbine-generator operating systems 
  • Electro-hydraulic governors and positioners
  • Electric gate and valve positioners
  • Hydraulic gate and valve operating systems
  • Conversion systems
  • Self-contained actuator systems
  • Explosion-proof actuator systems
  • Submersible actuator systems
  • AWWA butterfly, ball and cone valves – 12-inch to 140-inch

Hydro Station Refurbishment

Sorensen Systems provides full-service project management for hydro station refurbishment and automation. This includes:

  • the disassembly and refurbishment of the existing turbine generators
  • static excitation systems
  • turbine bearing cooling water systems
  • refurbished switchgear panels
  • turbine control panels
  • digital governor heads with the refurbished governor hydraulic pumping units
  • station battery charging system.

Case Studies:

Hydraulic power unit at Barkhamsted

Hydro turbine generator package for Barkhamsted Hydro Transmission Project

Electrical control panels at the MWRA Cosgrove facility.

Micro hydro station automation upgrade for Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) facility in Clinton

Hydraulic power unit and generator at hydroelectric facility at MWRA facility on Loring Road

Small hydro installation for MWRA facility in Weston

Electrical Control Panels

Water treatment plant improvement project in Spartanburg, South Carolina