Small Hydro Installations

Sorensen Systems specializes in developing electro-hydraulic systems for small and micro hydro rehabilitation projects. We have decades of experiences providing cost-effective solutions as part of modernizing hydro installations.

Refurbishments & New Installations

Its in-house staff of engineers and design technicians have extensive experience with applications ranging from turbine speed control to water level management. System design, fabrication, installation, start-up and field maintenance are provided for:

  • Low to high pressure electro-hydraulic conversion
  • Automated controls, excitation, protection and monitoring
  • Valve and gate actuation and control systems
  • Ball valve, butterfly valve and fixed cone operating assemblies and systems

Solutions We’ve Provided

  • Turbine-generator operating systems 
  • Electro-hydraulic governors and positioners
  • Electric gate and valve positioners
  • Hydraulic gate and valve operating systems
  • Conversion systems
  • Self-contained actuator systems
  • Explosion-proof actuator systems
  • Submersible actuator systems
  • AWWA butterfly, ball and cone valves – 12-inch to 140-inch

Case Studies:

Hydro Station Refurbishment

Sorensen Systems provides full-service project management for hydro station refurbishment and automation. This includes:

  • the disassembly and refurbishment of the existing turbine generators
  • static excitation systems
  • turbine bearing cooling water systems
  • refurbished switchgear panels
  • turbine control panels
  • digital governor heads with the refurbished governor hydraulic pumping units
  • station battery charging system.